Super Sealer [the JAMIESON Family Trust] is an Australian owned and family run business that strives to bring to you [our valued customers], products that not only make life easier but ones that you will use time and time again and still wonder why you didn’t get one sooner;

“Products you can trust… From the name you already trust!”

It all started with a quick release, easy reload replacement whipper snipper head;

At that time we operated a registered training organisation [RTO] involved with training, assessment and assisting our customer base to achieve their personal goals. Whilst promoting our services at a local show, Paul Jamieson stumbled across a new and innovative little product designed to make life easier. After trying the product and recognising how this little gadget was set to revolutionise gardening, he was convinced that a career change was necessary. The RTO was sold and Paul Jamieson went on the road to promote this new invention. Over the years other great ideas have been added to the list of impressive products offered today, and various other quick release heads appeared on the scene, but none could compete with the original design; that is until recently!

What Makes the new improved Aussie Turbo Ripper far better than the rest?

Apart from the fact that it is designed and manufactured in Australia using Australian raw materials, it not only meets all expectations of a quick release easy load system but delivers unsurpassed cutting efficiency. The innovative design is one which incorporates all the very best features of other brands, adds a few new and improved features of its own and combines them all into one easy to use system bringing you the best performance and value for money available in the market today. It completely eliminates line tangles and jams, minimises line breakage reducing downtime, multiple lines spread the wear increasing the life of cutting lines, speeds the job up increasing productivity and removes the frustration by turning a horrible chore into a
pleasurable task.

This is a great time saving efficient replacement head. Available in polymer for bent or straight, and heavy duty aluminium for professional straight shaft use

As a small family business, we realised that we could not always be everywhere at all times which is why we established the website; enabling customers all around Australia with access to us, confident in the knowledge that all products are personally tried and tested before being made available online or from us directly at a show or shopping centre near you.

Our principle is simple, take good care of your customers – and they will take good care of building business for you – check our show dates to see if we are in your area anytime soon.

Why not visit our  ‘Shop Online’ page to view our complete range and to order online.

To speak to one of our friendly staff all you have to do is contact our central office and we will direct your inquiry to the appropriate person.