Aussie Turbo Ripper Heads:

Do they fit all machines?

The manufacturer claims that they fit 99% of all petrol trimmers [bent shaft] and 99% of all petrol
brushcutters [straight shaft]. We actually haven’t found any machines that it doesn’t fit – so if you have
purchased a head and are thinking that you may just be one of the 1%, give us a call or drop us an
email, odds are that it will fit!

What is the difference between Straight and Bent Shafts?

The bent shaft machines have a flexible cable drive and the outer tubular shaft which houses this
cable has a curve in it down near to the cutting head and stone guard – it also usually has a right
hand [normal] thread.
The straight shaft machines have a solid drive and the outer tubular shaft is perfectly straight from the
motor all the way to the cutting head. It is only the gear housing that is mounted near the head, that
angles – these machines are traditionally left hand [opposite] thread.

Do they fit electric models?

Sadly it will only fit approx 20% of electric models, i.e. those models that are set up like a petrol one
where the motor and cutting head are at opposite ends of the shaft, and the bowl section is
removable. If the bowl doesn’t just lift off, check for a circlip or shake proof washer that is holding it on.
This would indicate that the bowl is removable.

How do I know whether to order a long or short spindle model?

This only applies to bent shaft models and only when it comes to installing the head – it has no
relevance when placing an order. The bent shaft pack contains everything you need to fit the head to
either a short or a long spindle. All it means is that you will use less pieces from the kit for a short
spindle, than you will for a long spindle. Make sure to keep all unused pieces in a safe place just in
case you replace your trimmer at some stage, you may need one of those pieces to make it fit your
next machine.

Are there any machines that are unusual?

Yes, some of the Stihl bent shafts are different.
The FS 36 has a thicker shaft and larger hex drive than normal however the new improved Aussie
Turbo Head comes ready to fit to this model.
The FS 48, 51, 52, 56 & 57 need a straight shaft head. If you have one of these simply specify the
model number at time of purchase. If you have already purchased the normal bent shaft head simply
return it to us with a note on which model you have and will send you the correct one, we will even
meet you half way with the cost i.e. you pay the postage up and we will pay the postage back.

I have purchased the wrong head for my machine, what do I do?

You can return the unit for exchange to PO Box 1513 Oxenford, Qld 4210. Please include your
name, address, proof of purchase and brief note requesting exchange of goods.

How do I remove my existing head on my straight shaft brushcutter?

To remove the existing head on your machine, look for an opening capable of inserting
an allen key or screwdriver. This will be either on the side of the shaft below the existing
head, or underneath the base plate that the existing head is sitting on. [Some machines
don’t have any opening, but they have a nut shape section or flat spot below the head].
Insert allen key or screwdriver then slowly rotate shaft until you feel it drop into another
opening inside the shaft [If you have the nut or flat spot setup, put a spanner onto it].
This locks the shaft so that you can now remove the existing head, do not undo the head
as if changing line, unscrew the entire head as one piece in a clockwise direction and this
will remove the head together with the false shaft.
After the head has been removed you will be left with a short shaft with thread on the
outside and a small raised disc at the base [in some cases it will have the raised disc but

a female recess which just means you are securing the new head with a bolt instead of a
NB: The same procedure will be followed when removing existing head from a short
spindle bent shaft machine, except that the existing head will unscrew in an anticlockwise direction.

Will my trimmer be too small to run two cords at the same time?

Some brushcutters are able to run up to 4 cords [8 cutting lines] at the one time.
The MAJORITY of trimmers are 25cc or greater and have no problems what so ever running 2 cords
[4 cutting lines] at the same time.
If you are unsure please contact us for advice.

I need more Cord, which pack should I order?

The small packs [20 to 30 pre-cut lengths] are designed for normal household use and should last the
average block at least 12 months.
The half kilo Heavy Duty pack is approximately 7 times the quantity of the small pack and is ideal for
heavy use in rural or handyman situations.
The 1kg pack is for farm use.

Do I have a Guarantee on the product I purchase from you?

We give a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee on all products sold by us. If you are not
completely happy with the product or service, simply return your purchase to us with original
packaging together with proof of purchase, with a short note requesting a refund. You do not need
to tell us why you want the refund, but feedback from our customers is valuable and in some cases
the manufacturers are also interested in your comments. Please note that we do not cover the
postage fee in these circumstances.
In addition, the manufacturer of the Aussie Turbo Ripper range offers a 1 yr limited warranty on the
product against defects and faulty workmanship. Standard statutory warranties apply to all other
products offered for sale on this website.

Postage Packaging & Handling:

All postage, courier or freight charges include a small packaging and handling fee.

Why do I need to keep my receipt?

Your receipt is the only valid means of establishing what product you purchased, when you purchased
it, how much you paid and from whom you purchased the goods and is vital when dealing with
warranty claims.
Most receipts [register dockets] are on thermal paper these days and will fade in a short space of time
– we recommend that you photocopy or photograph these receipts to preserve them. If you
purchased from us online then you will be in our database and need only give us your details.